6. References and Footnotes

References and Footnotes

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These 5 parts can be opened in a new window, allowing for footnote referencing

1. Medical Research and Military Publications   2. Black Budget Operations of Pentagon  3. US Military Unchecked Powers, the Media, and Human Testing   4. US Military’s Continual Breach of the Nuremberg Code/US and Nazi War Criminals 5. Today’s US Military-CIA Social and Psychological Operation, beyond MK Ultra 


    1. Lettered footnotes  
    2. Numbered Footnotes  
    3. Asterisk Footnotes


1. Lettered Footnotes (a,b,c,d) 


 a. Robert O. Becker, The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, first published in 1985. See: earthpulse bio and info: http://www.earthpulse.net/Becker.htm  


b. Carol Smith, Psychoanalyst, On A New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in Light of Mind Invasive Technologies: http://www.btinternet.com/~psycho_social/Vol3/JPSS-CS2.html 

1.    Colin A. Ross, MD, non-lethal technologies unwitting civilian subjects see chapter 9 and last page of 2006 publication CIA Doctors, American Psychiatrists and Human Rights Atrocities by Colin A. Ross   blog reference and audio http://wisdomquarterly.blogspot.com/2009/06/dr-colin-ross-on-mind-control.html  ,

3. Congressman Dennis Kucinich Bill HR 2977: a bill introduced by Dennis Kucinich regarding, amongst other things, space based technologies capable of remotely interfering with the human mind, and human behavior: see here: Federation of American Scientists

  • 4 .    Peter Phillips, Lew Brown, Bridget Thornton, US   Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights:
  • http://www.projectcensored.org/assets-managed/pdf/ElectromegnaticWeapons.pdf
  • 6  John Demjanjuk: Achieving US citizenship in the year 1952, this person was named a Nazi war criminal by the 1970, and now faces charges in Germany: http://static.rnw.nl/migratie/www.radionetherlands.nl/currentaffairs/region/europe/090512-demjanjuk-nazi-redirected   
  • 7. Hubertus Strughold:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubertus_Strughold
  • 8.    Josef Mengelehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Mengele 

  • 3.    ASTERISK FOOTNOTES (* – *****)

    * Jose Delgado, Spanish scientist and Yale University researcher:in The Hidden History of the CIA’s Electromagnetic Mind Control Experiments: http://mcrais.googlepages.com/voices.htm

    **Nuremberg Code

    Directives for Human Research, National Institute of Health:  http://ohsr.od.nih.gov/guidelines/nuremberg.html 

    ***Dr. Nick Begich: For readings regarding the Dr. Nick Begich findings, there are several books written by him, listed below.

    Reported in Angles Don’t Play this HAARP, and from Nick Begich’s reading of USAF 1982 Final Report On Biotechnology Research Requirments For Aeronautical Systems Through the Year 2000, as well as Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimestry Handbook, he states (pgs. 165-166) that “What this seemed to say [in reference to a quote from Handbook] was that the objective of the research would be towards mind manipulation at a distance, where the military could alter what people thought and, at the same time know what they thought. (Begich, …HAARP, pg. 166)   

      **** US military and intelligence Black Budget Operations:

    *****Tim Weiner The Dark Secret of the Black Budget, Penagon’s Defense Budget: Washington Monthly, May, 1987: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1316/is_v19/ai_4973378/

    References and footnotes